In Memory of
Serry DeAngelis Hayward
June 30, 1984 - September 24, 2005
From the family:

have created this site for family and friends to be able to share our
experiences with him, with others.  If you knew Serry, we hope you will
share the experiences that you had with him and any photos, too.

We would also like to inform you of the "Serry Hayward Winter Sports
Fund" which financially assists young people who want to learn or
participate in skiing and snowboarding activities.  You can make
donations using the PayPal Donations link or by mail.  All of your
donation goes to help those who need it.  The administrative and
website expenses are paid for by the family.  Please check it out.  For
more information and addresses, please go to the
Contact Us page.  

We have "Wheres-Serry" stickers for you
, free of charge, to put
wherever you go.  Let us know where you take him t
o and see where he
has gone by going
to the Where's Serry page.  We would like to send
"Serry" all over the world as he wanted to travel, but never got the
chance.  Help him "go places" with the stickers.