This tribute is to my dad.  If the person reading this is a friend of mine or
family, they will probably realize that this is about my dad.  And if this is my dad
reading he will know that this is his tribute.

         dad is so cool!  He lives in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  Sugar Hill is a town in
northern New Hampshire.  The place where my dad lives is very nice.  The great thing
is that he has about 40 acres where I can play.  It is so nice—such great views.

       wish I could see my dad more often because I only get to see him every other
weekend and different times in the summer.

          dad is the height of five foot seven and he weighs about 150 pounds.  He isn’t
a body builder but he is pretty strong and he works out.  He has long brown hair and
a hippi tail in the back.  My dad also has a beard and a mustache.

           dad has many good life skills.  For instance, he never gives up until the job is
done.  He also gets along well with most all people.  The greatest thing about my dad
is that he is very helpful.

                most favorite saying of my dad’s is, “Time will tell,” because that’s what life
is like.  One day you could live in a gutter, the next moment you may be living in your
own mansion. Also, my dad’s philosophy of life is, “Every day is worth living,” because
you can always be thankful for having a life on this earth.

          dad has had to overcome many hardships and some of them he is still
overcoming.  One of them was his divorce, but he handles that very well.  Others, like
deaths in the family, are harder to get through but he still does.  One thing that will
affect him all of his life is his hand.  When he was working in a construction business
his hand got crushed by a tree.  Now it is harder to do work with it.  The worst problem
he has had is financial troubles.  He is doing better and he is slowly clearing them up,
but for now he can get through them, too.

       think that my dad will be remembered for being a great and nice person in life,
and for always being there when needed.

               way I would really like to be like my dad is that I want to be as kind, loving,
and as caring as he has been for me, all my life.

             you know what!  All of the moments (not just a few of them) that I have
shared with my dad were special moments and great ones indeed.  Everything I do
with my dad is a fun, lasting memory.

      think that my dad is one of the best, most loving, kindest persons in the world.