Father seeks information on fatal crash

Witness talks: Accident that killed Bethlehem man in pickup truck may have involved a car.

Union Leader Staff

A dark-colored sedan sped away from the scene of the Saturday morning accident in Bethlehem
that claimed the life of a local man, according to a witness who has spoken to police.

The witness, a carrier who delivers newspapers in the area for the New Hampshire Union
Leader, said the eastbound car passed him less than 300 feet from where he saw an
overturned pickup truck and Serry Hayward laying beside it.

James Schell said he tried to revive the 21-year-old. Hayward later died at Littleton Regional
Hospital, according to N.H. State Police.

Schell said he believes the speeding car a midsize sedan, possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier
contributed to the accident.

"You see an accident, you don't speed up and go fast," Schell said. "If you were involved in that
accident, you'd be running from the accident."

Schell yesterday talked to state police. Hayward's father has questioned the initial police report,
which said alcohol and speed were likely factors in the accident.

"It's certainly a new piece of the puzzle," said Trooper Nathan Hamilton about Schell's
statement. He said it will be investigated.

Hamilton, however, said evidence still points to alcohol and speed as factors in the accident. He
said it would be improper to discuss details.

Also yesterday, state police contacted Beech Hill Automotive, where Hayward's 2003 Chevrolet
1500-series pickup is being held, and asked that it continue to be impounded, said Phil Bell,
proprietor of the garage.

Bell said Bethlehem police had earlier said it would likely be released.

"It guess they are going to conduct an investigation like they should," Bell said. Hamilton said
police ere never close to concluding the investigation.

Hayward's father, Rob Hayward Jr., said it makes no sense that his son would be speeding. His
driveway is about 200 yards uphill from the accident scene, meaning he would have to slow in
order to make the turn.

Schell said he didn't smell alcohol on Hayward.

Rob Hayward said Friday was his 49th birthday, and he had been celebrating with his son and
friends at the Canon Mountain View in Franconia. He said his son had "a bunch of drinks," but he
stayed at a friend's house before heading home.

Reporter Mark Hayward is not related to Rob or Serry Hayward.